US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Libra should be regulated similarly to other electronic financial transactions.

Pompeo shared his thoughts in an interview on CNBC on Tuesday. He noted that “the same set of requirements that apply to transactions going through SWIFT or other financial institutions should apply to these transactions as well.”

At the same time, Pompeo hopes that the world will not move in the direction of anonymous cryptocurrency transactions, as this will “reduce the security in the world.”

“We are all well aware of the risks of anonymous transactions. We know this from the events of September 11 and the terrorist acts committed in the 15 years before that, when we did not have a good tracking system. We did not have the opportunity to study the cash flows and understand who moved the money. We need to preserve the financial system, the global financial system that will protect us.”

The issue of cryptocurrency regulation has become increasingly raised by US politicians after Facebook announced plans to launch
Libra cryptocurrencies. Recently, it became known that a delegation from the US House of Representatives will go
to Switzerland, where a working group will discuss the prospects of cryptocurrencies and especially the Libra stablecoin