According to BitMEX Research, on Saturday, Bitcoin SV nodes were divided into three groups, resulting in three separate chains.

According to the report, 65% of nodes were in the current position, while 17% were “stuck” on a 210 MB block, and 19% did not even update during the last hard fork and remained on the old chain.

Recall that on July 24, the Bitcoin SV network successfully conducted a hard fork as part of a plan to increase the block size from 128 MB to 2 GB. According to Coin Dance, a 210 MB block was mined on August 3 by the miner CoinGeek, and 808,633 transactions were included in it.

According to TrustNodes, the Coin Dance service now works in the new Bitcoin SV chain. This means that miners who are stuck on the old chain could lose some of the money. The report says that, although the recent branching is the first of its kind, blocks of gigabytes in size can provoke similar network divisions into more than three blockchains.

In June, it was reported that 98% of transactions in the Bitcoin SV blockchain were created by the weather forecast service. This service was launched in April, and for the period from May to June He made 1.23 million transactions in the Bitcoin SV blockchain. For comparison, in the money transfer application only 1,040 transactions were recorded