The Defense Procurement Program Administration (DAPA) of South Korea is developing a blockchain platform to improve the efficiency of business operations.

As part of this initiative, DAPA has signed an agreement with three national defense institutions – the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality (DTaQ), the Defense Development Agency (ADD) and the Korean Defense Industry Association (KDIA).

The blockchain platform is aimed at improving the procurement of military equipment and logistics. The Agency is also considering several other options for its use, including certification, import and export permits, as well as the management of defense raw materials.

“We plan to apply blockchain technology, one of the key technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, for the purposes of the defense business and for innovation in the civil service,” said Kim Tae-gon, senior planning and coordination specialist at DAPA.

DAPA announced plans to launch a pilot blockchain project back in April. Recently, it also became known that the Office of Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) of the US Department of Defense is beginning to experiment with blockchain as part of the “Digital Modernization Strategy”