South Korean telecommunications giant SK Telecom has announced the launch of a blockchain-based system for storing and managing digital government certificates.

The SK Wallet solution has been approved by the South Korean Ministry of Public Administration and Security. It supports the storage and management of electronic certificates issued by agencies.

The new system allows you to store digital copies of registration cards of residents of the country and documents on health insurance, immigration certificates, as well as other documents that were previously issued on paper.

Now they will be released and stored digitally, and access will be provided through a mobile app. SK Wallet also allows you to send documents to public and private institutions.

At the initial stage, the SK Telecom solution will support 13 types of electronic documents, but in the future it is planned to increase the list to 100 types of documents, including tax statements.

“Blockchain is a very important technology for society, as it can be quickly developed and applied in solutions without personal presence, where innovations are needed in the process of filing and processing documents,” said Oh Se-hyun, head of blockchain and Business Certification at SK Telecom.

Earlier it was reported that more than a million South Korean drivers refused to carry a driver’s license with them – access to the data is provided by the PASS blockchain application for smartphones