The payment company Mastercard has posted on its website three vacancies for managers for the development of projects in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, including payments and wallets.

In one of the vacancies, the company indicated that it is looking for” an engineer for blockchain solutions”, in another it requires” a vice president for product management in the field of blockchain”, in the third it says about”product management-cryptocurrencies/wallets”. The new employees will work in an already formed multifunctional team focused on experimental research activities, regulation and legal compliance of digital assets, franchising, regions and technologies, with the aim of further developing new products and services.

In addition, candidates for two positions must have experience in managing cryptocurrency storage products. However, the company does not specify what exactly they will do. It is quite possible that they will have to develop a custodial solution within the framework of cooperation between Mastercard and Facebook.

Recall that Mastercard is
one of the participants of the announced
Facebook of the Libra cryptocurrency project, which was invited to develop their own applications for the Libra blockchain, including alternative cryptocurrency wallets