The former assistant to the chairman of the US Senate Banking Committee will represent the interests of the Facebook Libra cryptocurrency project.

Susan Zook from Mason Street Consulting, who was previously an assistant to Senator Mike Crapo, will become one of Libra’s lobbyists working with American lawmakers. Zuk’s task is to establish relations with the Senate Republicans, with whom she collaborated when she worked with Crapo.

According to the publication Politico, Facebook had to spend more than $7.5 million on lobbying its initiatives this year. The list of costs includes not only resources aimed at attracting experts to senior positions, but also hiring more than a dozen professional firms to defend the interests of a cryptocurrency project, for example, Sternhell Group and Cypress Group.

Recall that in the middle of last month, two-day hearings were held in the US Congress, during which the head of Facebook’s blockchain division, David Marcus, answered a number of questions from lawmakers about the Libra project. He managed to dispel some of the regulators ‘ doubts, but the lion’s share of questions remains open