The fourth largest bitcoin exchange in terms of trading volume, Btchanex, has announced the launch of a decentralized trading platform, EOSfinex, which is based on the EOS blockchain.

Representatives of Btchanex say that the new decentralized exchange will profess the true values of p2p trading, will be scalable and not limited by borders, as well as built on the principles of transparency, speed and honesty.

The main task of EOSfinex is to achieve full decentralization, including the order log, transaction execution and on-chain calculations. Also, when developing the platform, much attention was paid to performance issues, and EOSfinex plans not only to meet all modern performance standards, but also to exceed them.

The Btchanex statement also emphasizes that the key to truly decentralized trading is the lack of the need for trust. EOSfinex creates a transparent p2p exchange network that can be viewed and verified by participants from anywhere in the world at any given time.

At the initial stage of the exchange, all major pairs (EOS/BTC, BTC/USD and ETH/USD) will be available to users, after which new tokens are expected to be added. At the same time, exchange contracts will be flexible and will allow you to trade any token created under a trusted contract. Btchanex also claims that the process of adding new pairs is “trivial” and that any user will be able to do it.