The most recent contender for the name Satoshi Nakamoto, who promised to surprise the world with the disclosure of his incognito, could not stand it and gave his name a day earlier.

After numerous speeches by Craig Wright and other impostors posing as the creator of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency community is already calm about the next sensational statements. The last of them, who announced himself on Sunday and promised to reveal his identity on Tuesday, did not wait for the “finest hour” and appeared a day earlier, simultaneously posting his version of the fate of the “million Satoshi”, and his name and photo.

The surprise really became unexpected. Craig Wright’s rival turned out to be a Pakistani naturalized in the UK, Bilal Khalid, who changed his name to James Caan (James Caan) as a result of long-term numerological research. Probably, under this double name, he will go down in the history of cryptocurrencies, but without the crown of glory of the Creator expected by him.

Perhaps the only question that the entire community was waiting for an answer to was simple – whether James Bilal Khalid Kaan has the keys to Satoshi’s wallets and whether the transaction that has been expected for many years will finally happen.

Kaan did not cheat and gave the same version that Craig Wright and other colleagues had voiced before him: he had lost the keys. It turns out that it was a complete surprise for him that Bitcoin would one day really gain popularity and its price would be measured in thousands of dollars. Therefore James Caan did not take care of the safety of digital wealth and lost everything – both access to mailboxes and private keys to wallets that are now worth more than $10 billion. For the same reason that his compatriot from his second homeland, James Howels, did not become a millionaire, who threw the disk with the wallet into the trash.

Of course, the community did not believe Kaan and is already mocking him in Reddit and other social networks. Nevertheless, his version of the biography of Satoshi Nakamoto and the history of the creation of Bitcoin in two parts still deserves attention. Kaan, it seems, is not going to bury his writing talent in the ground and promises to continue to express his views on the place of cryptocurrencies in the universe